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Indoor positioning is now a key technology to Internet of Things and Industry 4.0. If you have any needs and considerations regarding indoor positioning, real time positioning, personnel positioning, tag positioning, object positioning, wireless positioning, Wi-Fi positioning, beacon positioning, RFID positioning, GPS+RF positioning, access control system, personnel monitoring, student and child safety, senior care and other problems, please do not hesitate to connect us. We are dedicated to providing highly accurate and diversified solutions and services to indoor positioning. We develop lots of cutting-edge technologies that are patent granted. Our positioning systems have been verified and successfully deployed in types of large-scale venues, which outperformed those of other international manufacturers. Therefore, our products are widely adopted by lots of leading factories and deployed in large-scale venues. Besides leading technologies, we provide customer-centric and cost-effective services and always put customers’ needs in our first priority. Welcome all SI companies, agents, dealers, business owners, hardware manufacturers, APP companies, RFID companies, IPCAM companies, and access control companies to cooperate with us and create a win-win situation all around!

Representative cooperators and venues

  • TSMC
  • Formosa Petrochemical Co.
  • Semiconductor factory of China)
  • Photonics and Optoelectronics manufacturer
  • Lextar
  • Supplier of Wi-Fi AP
  • a. Mart
  • ITRC
  • ITRI
  • Systems integration
  • Government agencies
  • Engineering contractor